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2021 yearbook purchase information

don’t miss out on this historic yearbook! last year we completely sold out! the best way to ensure you get a yearbook at the best price is to purchase it along with the ASB package at the beginning of the year. purchase your yearbook by visiting the eagle web store.

yearbook pricing schedule

senior recognition ads are always a big hit!

every year seniors race to the end of their yearbooks to see if their friends and family have purchased a “senior ad” for them. it’s a truly special way to honor your student’s achievement. 2021 will be an even more important year to make this accomplishment feel special! senior ads are purchased and designed through the jostens website directly. do not pay for a yearbook on this site. only purchase your senior ad. all senior ads are due by january 15, 2021.

senior ad examples

full page ad: $475
1/2 page ad (bottom): $325 each, 1/4 page ads (top R and top L): $225 each

1/8 page ad example not available, but it would be 1/2 the size of a 1/4 page ad above

senior ad pricing

submit your senior quote.

Quote deadline: November 26

Guidelines for quotes:

  • Maximum 120 characters. No emojis or special characters.
  • NO profanity of any kind, not even censored profanity.
  • DO NOT explicitly mention another student without their consent.
  • DO NOT mention a teacher unless it is with their consent.
  • DO NOT include anything negative about an academic department/class/club/event.
  • NO links or references to shows, episodes, etc. If you want to quote a character from a show, include the quote with citation of – character, show.
  • DO NOT include any racist, homophobic, sexist, drug references or otherwise offensive comments.
  • If the quote is incomprehensible to the Yearbook staff or advisor, it will be omitted.
  • Any  comments which are deemed by the Yearbook staff and advisor to compromise the integrity of the yearbook and/or the student  will be omitted.

If your quote violates any of the above guidelines, you will be contacted and given a chance to change your quote.

click here to submit your quote

schedule your senior portraits today!

schedule your senior portraits shoot with PRESTIGE PHOTOGRAPHERS as soon as possible. the deadline is November 13, 2020. don’t delay!!!

the only way we will guarantee senior portraits in the senior section of the yearbook is through our contracted studio.

please note: the portrait studios will have social distancing and safety protocols in place. at this time we are not allowing senior portraits to be submitted individually.

  • Parents who need information on how to order photos: Call our customer service (1-800-736-4753) or live chat
  • Parents who need information regarding senior portrait orders or proofs should call  (877) 825-7922 
  • For general questions, visit and click the “Contact Us” button or call 1-800-736-4753.

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